10 Mai 2016

Thomas Zika

born 1963
++49 / 160 / 93516578
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1983-96 Travels to South Europe, Asia, Central America, Morrocco
1986-92 Diploma Photography (BFA), University of Applied Sciences Dortmund
1992-94 Realisation of the book project „the rough reality“, freelance photographer, group and solo exhibitions
1995-96 Member Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Postgraduate Studies, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
1996-99 Diploma Communication Design (MFA), University of Wuppertal
1999-01 assistant to the professor of photography at the University of Wuppertal
2001-16 teaching photography and art as a free lecturer at the University of Wuppertal,
Ecosign-Academy for Sustainable Design Cologne, Free Academy of the Arts FADBK, Essen;
national and international solo / group exhibitions and art fairs

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Grants / Awards

1994 „Photography as art“-Award, Sparkasse Pforzheim, Germany
Fritz-Berg-Memorial-Grant for visual Arts, SIHK Hagen, Germany
1996 DAAD – Grant for Postgraduates in Vienna, Austria
1997 MOSAIQUE – Grant for Photography of the CNA Centre National de l’audiovisuel, Luxemburg
1998 Concours Européen de la Photographie, Festival IMAGES,
2. GRAND PRIX DE LA VILLE DE VEVEY, Switzerland 1998
2000 First Prize STADT/LAND/FORM, Museum Baden Solingen, Germany
„What is Knowledge“- Award for Photography, ABB, Switzerland
Merit Otto-Steinert-Award for Photography 2000, Cologne
2004 Catalogue grant of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs Wuppertal, Germany
2012 Artist-in-residence at the Center for Contemporary Arts CCA, Andratx, Mallorca

Works in public collections:

Sparkasse Pforzheim, Germany
Südwestfälische Industrie- und Handelskammer, Hagen, Germany
Musée de la Photographie, Vevey, Switzerland
City Hall Nice, France
Centre national de l’audiovisuel, CNA Dudelange, Luxemburg
Art Collection of the City of Dudelange, Luxemburg
Sparkasse Wuppertal, Germany
Kunstakademie Essen, Germany
Landesbank Baden-Würtemberg
Dortmunder Energiewerke DEW21
Achmea Tilburg, The Netherlands
Royal Caribbean, Oslo, Norway
AIDA Cruises, Hamburg, Germany
City Hall Leiderdorp, Netherlands
CCA Andratx, Mallorca


selected Exhibitions since 2000  G = Group Exhibition; E = Solo Exhibition; K = Catalogue

Placebo, Gallery Lichtblick, Cologne S
the fremd, Artist Club Malkasten, Düsseldorf S
StadtLandForm, Museum Baden, Solingen G/K/TV
Quinze en Europe, Musée de la Photographie, Nice, France G/K
Naturae, Künstlerhaus Essen G/K
the fremd, Gallery Poller, Frankfurt am Main, Germany S
placebo/human factor, Galerie Nei Liicht, Dudelange, Luxemburg S/K
bathers, Gallery Poller, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, S/K
Photographic Works, Institute for Applied Visual Arts,Wuppertal S
Hierogamos, Kabinett im Kunsthaus Essen S
bathers, Gallery Obrist, Essen S
Hierogamos, Galerie van Kranendonk, The Hague, Netherlands S
de l’Europe, Aciérie à Dudelange, Luxemburg G/K
bathers, Edward Cella Art + Architecture, Santa Barbara, California S
bathers + hierogamos, Gallery Poller, New York S
papillons, Gallery Obrist, Essen S
Les quatre Elements- Biennale de l’Image, Nancy, France G/K

“Vor dem Bild ist nach dem Bild”, Projektraum BHF25, Kleve, Germany S
butterflies-I saved an Admiral’s life, Gallery Obrist, Essen S
Touch of Eden, Galerie Samuelis Baumgarte, Bielefeld G
I saved an Admiral’s life, Galerie van Kranendonk, The Hague, The Netherlands S
Delhi Photo Festival – Grace, Habitat Center & Nazar Foundation, Delhi, India G
Just add Water, CCA Center for Contemporary Arts Andratx, Mallorca, G
somnambule flowers, Gallery van Kranendonk, The Hague, Netherlands S